Gender Pay Gap Report

Beko plc’s Gender Pay Gap Report analysed the salaries and bonuses of male and female colleagues in the year to 4th April 2020.

The Company has a diverse multinational workforce, spanning sales, marketing, operations, logistics, HR, finance, field service operations, and R&D with 317 UK staff.

Below highlights the gaps in our mean (average) and median hourly pay and bonuses and the proportion of male and female colleagues in each pay quartile. The median and bonus pay gaps have reduced since last year and with new female appointments at senior level, we expect the mean gap to reduce in the next report. Our objective remains to reduce any gaps to as near zero as possible.


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Gender Pay Gap based on hourly pay at Snapshot date 5th April 2020
* Hourly pay rates including base pay and allowances based on Annual / 365.25 days x 7 days / contractual hours

Mean Gender Pay Gap In Hourly Pay +10.1% +3.2%
Median Gender Pay Gap In Hourly Pay +2.6% +10.6%

Bonus Pay Gap

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap +8.8% +12.9%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 0% 0%

Proportion of Men & Women In Receipt Of Bonus

Proportion Of Men Receiving Bonus 81.9% 86.2
Proportion Of Women Receiving Bonus 91.6% 96.9%

Pay Quartile Ranges 2020
Proportion of Males & Females in each Pay Quartile

Male / Female Male / Female
Upper Quartile 68.4% / 31.6% 69.0% / 31.0%
Upper Middle Quartile 51.9% / 48.1% 50.7% / 49.3%
Lower Middle Quartile 79.7% / 20.3% 73.3% / 26.7%
Lower Quartile 66.0% / 35.0% 73.3% / 26.7%

Teresa Arbuckle, Managing Director of Beko Plc commented:

“We’re committed equally to all of our male and female colleagues here at Beko plc, and are proud of the positive steps we continue to take to increase gender equality.”

“In addition to an Executive Board that includes a female Managing Director, Finance Director, and International Director responsible for Global Revenue Growth Management, we have a significant number of women in senior leadership roles across the Company. ”

“We have continued to see reductions in both median pay gaps and bonus differentials, and our aim remains to achieve a level playing field, with a target of reducing the gaps to as near zero as possible. ”

“Our parent company Arçelik is a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Women’s Empowerment Principles supporting women’s empowerment in the workplace and community. This includes participation in the “He for She” campaign, Women in Leadership training, and awareness of unconscious bias. In the UK, we have an active Women in Leadership group and a Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Committee, both helping raise awareness regularly on critical topics in this domain.”

“As Managing Director, I believe strongly in providing a work environment that nurtures and rewards talent - regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, belief or background - so will continue to make sure this stays top of our agenda. ”

Teresa Arbuckle
Managing Director
Beko plc

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