Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency projects and practices we implement in our production processes minimise our environmental impact while achieving significant savings in energy costs.

First solar-powered fridge developed for the WHO to store medicines in African villages with no electricity.

Arçelik developed the first solar powered fridge and supplied it to the World Health Organisation to store medicines in African villages where they don’t have electricity. Production of these products has continued and they are now supplied as part of a project run on behalf of the South African Government for villages that are off grid.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50% since 2010.

Arçelik has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% since 2010. In terms of green energy, in Turkey it is possible to select where the energy comes from rather than just go to a green energy supplier. In Arçelik's case, currently 95% of the energy they use is green, from hydroelectric sources. Arçelik has been granted a platinum certificate for energy efficiency in 11 countries.