With over 130 years' of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is recognised as a quality home appliance brand with German engineering. From easy-to-use controls and unique technological innovations to practical solutions, it exceeds expectations.

Precision Design Meets Intelligent Innovation

The Blomberg range blends cutting-edge design and outstanding performance, with functional space-saving products engineered with quality in mind. Durable, energy-efficient and using the latest technology to boost performance; it's what happens on the inside that really sets Blomberg apart, and multiple products have been awarded the prestigious Which? Best Buy award as a result.

Blomberg has a proud heritage of caring for the environment. Preservation of natural resources is a priority, it continually strives to redefine the water and energy efficiency levels of home appliances. Products are made in factories that are environmentally-conscious, are ISO 14001 certified and with components that are on average 90% recyclable.

The Blomberg range incorporates the latest technology and style, ensuring that every product has been designed from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance. The range is in harmony with your home through the stylish design and easy-to-use controls. The reliable safety mechanisms, unique technological innovations and practical solutions exceed all expectations and the addition of three-year parts and labour guarantee provides complete peace of mind.

Blomberg is in harmony with nature, your life and you.

Awards & Endorsements

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