Sustainability is at the core of our business model, and our ways of working respect the environment.

From energy, water and waste management, to recycling and the circular economy, our values ensure that our products are not only overachieving quality standards but are also respecting the environment to help ensure a sustainable future.

Targets Achieved This Year

Our Sustainable Technologies

FiberCatcher™ Washing Machine

World’s 1st integrated microfibre filter. Removing up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic wash cycles.

BioFridge™ Fridge Freezer

This fridge freezer has parts and accessories made from bio-based resources such as sugar cane, eggshell waste and soya oil.

RecycledNet™ Ovens

Using innovative technology, recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste is transformed into a high performance, durable and thermally resistant material used in our ovens.

Recycled Tub Washing Machines & Washer Dryers

Washing machines and washer dryers that use recycled plastic bottles in their tubs. Kinder to the planet, without compromising on performance or durability.

Our priority is of the production of goods in a manner that respects both human life and the environment.

As a proud supporter of the UN Sustainability Development Goals, Arçelik, for the second year running, is the first and only Turkish manufacturer to be listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and is also acknowledged by the FTSE4Good and BIST Indexes.

Arçelik has also been recognised for its efforts to offset its carbon emissions, and is ISO14001, ISO14064 and ISO50001 accredited (internationally recognised standards where businesses take part in voluntary and regulated programmes).

Sustainability Awards

Goals for 2020

In 2016, Arçelik set itself a number of challenges to improve its sustainability performance by 2020. Despite these being tough challenges, they are on target to achieve them.