About Flavel

Flavel is renowned for the manufacture of contemporary, professionally designed cookers and using its expertise to expand into a full range of home appliances designed to exceed the expectations of today's modern consumers.

Flavel Kitchen Appliances

Quality and style since 1777

The origin of the Flavel brand can be traced back to 1777, when John Flavel (1754-1834) acquired an iron foundry in Bilton near Rugby. John's son, William, revolutionised cooking with his invention of the Kitchener cooking range in 1829 to replace open fires and spits.

In 1833, Sidney Flavel continued his father's pioneering spirit, building the Eagel foundry, acclaimed in an 1861 Great Western illustrated guide as "the largest manufactory of its kind in the world". At the end of the 19th century, Flavel was again at the forefront of the second kitchen revolution with the introduction of a series of gas cookers.

In 2002, the Flavel brand was acquired by Beko Plc and today is synonymous with quality and innovation which is evident throughout the range. The quality of the design, materials and construction of Flavel products remain true to the expertise and attention to detail that built the brand in the beginning. Modern manufacturing techniques used at state-of-the-art production facilities meet the exacting standards of quality required by today's consumers.

Flavel's expertise, experience and knowledge empowers people at home.

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