Water Management

We value water and have a sustainable approach to it from water usage savings to innovations that remove microplastics from waste water.

The world's first and only washing machine with a built-in synthetic microfibre filtration system.

Microplastics are leaking into our precious waterways and oceans at an alarming rate. Once present, they are ingested by fish and other marine life, causing them to enter the food chain and end up on our dinner plates.

More than one-third of the microplastics in our waterways and oceans come from synthetic fibres released during wash cycles.

As a global brand with a strong eco-conscience, we have developed the World’s 1st integrated synthetic microfibre filter - FiberCatcher™. Specifically designed to catch up to 90% of synthetic microfibres during synthetic wash cycles, the FiberCatcher™ filter helps protect our waterways and oceans.

We have saved over 1,350,000 M³ of water in the past 8 years.

As a global company operating throughout the world, we acknowledge water is an essential resource of life, and appreciate that our policy and actions regarding water, have a significant effect on employees, customers, and other communities. This is the reason why, in the last 8 years, we have saved 1,350,000 M³ of water, which is the equivalent to the daily household consumption of 1.7 Million households.

In this context, respecting the human right to water and sanitation, we are committed to:

  • Perform our activities beyond regulatory compliance.
  • Improve our water performance by focusing on reducing water consumption, increasing water efficiency, enhancing water monitoring and increasing water recycling & reuse in line with our water targets and goals.
  • Minimise our water related environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle by adopting innovative technologies.
  • Raise environmental awareness of our employees, stakeholders and the society.
  • Support water stewardship by collaborating with related stakeholders and participating in national & international water initiatives.
  • Integrating with our Environmental, Energy, Health & Safety, Quality and GHG Management Systems and supporting other environmental issues including climate change.

Factory water output clean enough to sustain life.

We take our impact on the environment very seriously and make sure our water output is cleaned to a very high standard. As an example, outside our cooking appliances factory in Bolu, Turkey, we have a pool with 700 koi carp thriving in water previously used in our production process.