21st September 2022

2050: Appliances of the Future, The Road to Net Zero

On Wednesday September 21st, Beko plc’s Managing Director, Teresa Arbuckle, delivered the opening keynote address to an international audience at an industry conference to discuss how the home appliances industry can work collaboratively to contribute towards the UK’s net zero ambition and limit the rise in global temperatures.

The conference, ‘2050 – Appliances of the Future: The Road to Net Zero’, was sponsored by the UK White Goods Association (AMDEA), of which Teresa is the Chair, along with the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), and the City, University of London, who also provided the conference venue.

During her address, delivered to key stakeholders from government and academia, as well as manufacturers and retailers, Teresa discussed these environmental challenges, outlining the extent of the appliance industry’s carbon emissions footprint and the impact the industry is having on the planet.

The priority of Beko plc’s parent company, Arçelik, is to produce goods in a manner which respects both human life and the environment, and the Group have received multiple accolades for their award-winning sustainable activity – details can be found in the 2021 Arcelik Sustainability Report. This ethos is echoed by Beko plc in its own operations. During her address, Teresa detailed the initiatives and steps which Beko plc are taking to reduce the impact of appliances throughout their life cycle, from production and use through to repair and recycling. These initiatives include an aim to improve and promote product quality to reduce waste, incorporating a comprehensive repair programme designed to extend the life of products and a callout prevention programme to minimise unnecessary engineer mileage.

Further meaningful changes Beko plc are making to their own operations include measures such as green tariffs, elimination of plastic and increased recycling in all locations. Beko are supporting the move to electric vehicles with a planned electric van fleet roll out in the next 2-3 years.

Appliance manufacturers should have a responsibility to reduce the impact we are having on our planet, and educating consumers on the most energy efficient products available in the market will do the most for reducing carbon emissions. Beko will also ensure we provide consumers with information on how to use and care for their appliances in the most sustainable ways. Fundamental to Beko plc’s vision to reach net zero by 2050 is the raised awareness among employees and partners through carbon literacy training to encourage a collaborative approach to make a meaningful difference.

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