1st May 2024

Beko Debuts Their Brand-New Reliability Campaign

Beko, the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand, has unveiled its biggest multi-channel campaign to date this Spring, reaching 48 million adults across the UK.

Running from May 1st and until the end of July, the 360 campaign spans TV advertising & BVOD, social media, retail media and activation. With a primary focus on reliability, the campaign spotlights Beko’s rigorous testing process. It highlights how Beko appliances undergo stress-testing to ensure lasting durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time and continue to simplify everyday life.

The decision to launch the Beko reliability campaign is rooted in research and consumer insight, showing its significance to consumers, with 31% ranking it as their top priority when shopping for large home appliances. Recognising the importance of reliability, Beko’s campaign strategically focuses on enhancing brand perceptions by showcasing rigorous testing during production to instil confidence in consumers.

The TV ad, scheduled to appear in programmes like Britain’s Got Talent, Celebrity Bake Off: Stand Up To Cancer, Sky Football Premiership Games, GoogleBox, and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2024, depicts a family managing a busy child’s birthday party, showcasing rigorous testing stats for Beko appliances throughout. These impactful testing statistics include opening and closing a fridge door 300,000 times, extending a dishwasher's lower basket over 100,000 cycles with a 16kg load, and testing a washing machine with unbalanced loads. Through its relatable storyline and engaging statistics, the ad highlights the comprehensive testing and exceptional quality of Beko appliances. The multi-channel advertising will drive consumers to Beko’s reliability landing page, which brings the campaign to life in a dynamic, eye-catching way.

Beko has also invested in collaborative, market-wide, multi-channel retailer campaigns to enhance the entire consumer purchase journey. These initiatives aim to drive conversion by leveraging engaging point-of-sale (POS) materials and a tailored retail colleague training programme.

As part of the bespoke training programme, Beko has incorporated the "stress-tested" message into its theme, advocating a stress-free experience with Beko appliances. To reinforce this message, colleague engagement boxes have been distributed to support the campaign. These boxes include stress-relief goodies such as bath salts and stress balls, along with a comprehensive training guide.

To further support the campaign, Beko's training team will be actively present in the field, discussing the rigorous testing processes employed in the factory and emphasising the brand's broader quality credentials.

Marketing Director at Beko Plc UK & Ireland, Vijay Bhardwaj, said:

“After the success of our previous campaigns on our Beko built-in range and HarvestFresh™ innovation, we are thrilled to be back on TV and digital media this year, showcasing our commitment to quality and reliability. At Beko, we believe in not just selling appliances but building consumer trust. This campaign reflects our dedication to designing and making products that make daily life easier, showcasing the meticulous testing that underscores the reliability of every Beko appliance. In a time where the cost of living continues to rise and every purchase is considered and assessed, we are proud to launch a campaign that showcases the lasting quality at the heart of the Beko brand.”

For more information, please visit beko.co.uk/reliability

For PR enquiries please email [email protected]

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