19th May 2023

Beko plc colleagues examine the current latest on-trend topics in the field of electrical product safety

Keeping consumers safe: highlights from the first Scottish Electrical Product Safety Conference.

On 17th May 2023, Beko plc’s Managing Director, Teresa Arbuckle and Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Andrew Mullen, took part in the inaugural Electrical Safety First Scottish Electrical Product Safety Conference to examine the latest on-trend topics in the field of electrical product safety.

The conference, held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), investigated themes including improving product recalls and registration, shopping safely online and achieving sustainability in the home. Attendees from across the product supply chain – including designers, manufacturers, retailers, importers, installers, product testing houses, safety advocates, lawyers, trading standards, fire services and enforcement authorities – visited the conference to listen to guest speakers and expert panels explore critical issues, solutions and insights into safer electrical products.

Andrew Mullen, Beko plc’s Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, was one of the panellists discussing the important topic of ‘Improving product recalls and registration’. The panel, which, alongside Andrew, included representatives from Consumer Scotland, Business Retail Consortium and Electrical Safety First, explored the current effectiveness of product recalls and registration and what can be done to improve consumer awareness and encourage action.

Beko plc’s Managing Director, Teresa Arbuckle, who is also Chair of AMDEA, the UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances, delivered the keynote address at the end of the conference, wrapping up the half-day event. In this horizon-scanning talk, Teresa explored emerging issues affecting electrical product safety and highlighted the need for collaboration and engagement across the industry on the issue of product recalls.

Teresa comments:

“While new products have never been safer, it is important to highlight the need to support and facilitate the safe, reliable repair of older appliances. Repairing an appliance can be both a safe and sustainable solution and consumers have a number of options when it comes to repairing their products, depending on their individual preferences. Those wishing to instruct an engineer to carry out the work professionally have the option of using a manufacturers’ own engineer to facilitate a repair or alternatively source a reputable trained independent engineer using genuine manufacturers’ parts. With a growing community of organisations providing educational support through the hosting of repair cafés or provision of online resources, consumers can now be better equipped than ever to repair their own products safely, offering a more cost-effective solution.”

As a forward-thinking organisation, Beko plc recognises that consumer attitudes are changing and that buying second-hand is becoming more commonplace, particularly amongst younger age groups. Ensuring the safety of consumers, whether they are buying new or on the resale market, is of paramount importance.

By working with the government and other stakeholders, such as independent testing houses and accreditation bodies, Beko plc is active in its involvement in setting new and tougher safety standards for the future in order to keep consumers safe.

Our products are tested by some of the world’s biggest independently accredited test laboratories and meet and exceed all relevant and EU safety standards, while our parent company, Arçelik, was the first major brand to add flame-retardant backs to its entire refrigeration range.

This first Scottish Electrical Product Safety conference was an excellent platform for us to share our knowledge and experience in addressing electrical product safety and to engage with a broad range of industry professionals. As a manufacturer of home appliances, Beko plc take very seriously our responsibility to maintain product safety standards across our ranges and we are committed to ensuring our appliances continue to operate safely throughout their useful lifetimes.

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