31st March 2023

Beko plc continues to promote energy efficiency in celebration of AMDEA campaign win

We are delighted to congratulate the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) for winning the prestigious ‘Campaign of the Year’ award with their energy-efficiency campaign, ‘Know Watt’s What’ at the recent Trade Association Forum’s TAF awards ceremony in London.

At Beko plc, we aim to empower our customers to live an energy-efficient, low-cost lifestyle. With home appliances now accounting for 31% of the average domestic energy bill[1], the desire for information on cost-effective and energy-efficient lifestyles is higher than ever. Meeting this demand, AMDEA’s ‘Know Watt’s What’ campaign provides consumers with expert tips on how to save up to £500 per year by simple adjustments in their home appliance usage. With advice ranging from using the eco-setting on dishwashers and washing machines, to selecting heat-pump instead of condenser tumble-dryers, the campaign aims to emphasise the ways that, when it comes to home appliances, cost reductions and more sustainable practices can be achieved together.

These money-saving tips presented in AMDEA’s campaign especially resonate with Beko plc’s own commitment to prioritising the communication of energy-efficiency to both our retailers and our consumers.

This is the sixth year running that Arçelik’s exceptional CSA performance has secured its inclusion in the DJSI, and the fourth consecutive year that it has topped the Household Durables category in this index. These impressive CSA results reflect our parent company’s unwavering commitment to building a sustainable future, once again establishing it as the benchmark brand in the industry.

Arçelik has set ambitious goals for the future, outlining that, by 2030, the company will use 100% green electricity in global production facilities. Further goals include a 45% decrease in energy consumption in the manufacture of its products, and a minimum USD 50 million investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  

At Beko plc, we are committed to ensuring our own sustainability goals remain in alignment with the vision of our parent company. From increasing the number of our products with higher energy efficiency credentials as well as incorporating recycled materials more widely within our ranges, to working on improving efficiency in our operations, we remain committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our company as well as that of our consumers.

Vijay Bhardwaj, Marketing Director of Beko plc said:

“The ‘Know Watt’s What’ campaign has been incredibly successful in demonstrating the quick, simple measures consumers can take to reduce their utility bills.”

“At Beko plc, we believe that the communication of energy efficient habits goes hand in hand with being a responsible appliances manufacturer. By highlighting the huge cost benefits to lowering energy consumption, sustainable lifestyles can become as much of an economical choice as they are an ethical one. Through this, far greater traction can be generated for ways of living which respect the environment, simply by providing clear, accurate information on our products and how best to use them.”

“To satisfy our dual concerns to reduce costs for the consumer and encourage sustainability, it’s vital that we take every opportunity to talk to customers and advise them on the most efficient use of appliances.”

A prime example of this is the Beko plc website, where there is a comprehensive guide of top tips to help consumers make energy-efficient choices in their appliance usage.

These tips echo those presented in AMDEA’s campaign, and range from well-known habits, such as pre-treating stained clothes before placing them in the washing machine and refraining from keeping the fridge door open for longer than necessary, to small but surprisingly impactful adjustments, such as regularly cleaning the filter in your tumble dryer.

Supplementing this, the comprehensive guide directs customers to appliances with specific energy-efficient technologies built-in, so that sustainable, cost-effective habits can become automated as part of the physical home environment.

As energy bills rise, running costs are now becoming as significant as the initial purchase price. To combat this, Beko plc are diligent in highlighting the ways that a more expensive machine at the point of purchase might in the long run be the most cost-effective option. To empower our customers to make a long-term investment in a cost-effective, sustainable lifestyle, our brand websites are equipped with an energy-saving calculation tool that can highlight the yearly monetary savings of each product according to its energy rating. By providing our consumers with more nuanced whole-life costings information right at the point of purchase, Beko plc is able to motivate the consumer base to opt for the most energy-efficient and sustainable products available.

Retailers and their sales teams can also easily and rapidly access this information, so that the cost benefits of energy efficiency options can be communicated directly to the consumer, in-store. To complement this, our expert training teams educate retailers and sales teams on the specific energy-efficient features and technologies within our products, so that the energy-efficient message can be effectively communicated to consumers on the shop floor.

Through our combination of energy-efficient technologies, website resources, retail campaigns, and sales team training, Beko plc can continue to prioritise our effective communication on energy efficiency, satisfying consumers’ demands to keep ongoing running costs minimal, whilst also promoting sustainable lifestyles.

For more information on Beko’s energy-saving tips, view our Top Tips On How To Use Your Appliances More Effectively.

[1] Source: Energy Saving Trust

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